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Stortyteller Press Kits

Storyteller Press Kits


Photographs and biographies of storytellers to create posters to hang in your school or to include an announcement in the school newsletter or bulletin!

2016 Storytellers: April to July Season

Alim Kamara in Peru and Argentina

Alim Kamara Bio (English)Alim Kamara Bio (Español)Alim Kamara Photo 1Alim Kamara Photo 2Alim Kamara Photo 3Alim Kamara Photo 4

Anne Glover in Chile and Argentina

Anne Glover Bio (English)Anne Glover Bio (Español)Anne Glover Photo 1Anne Glover Photo 2Anne Glover Photo 3Anne Glover Photo 4

Usifu Jalloh in Peru

Usifu Jalloh Bio (English)Usifu Jalloh Bio (Español)Usifu Jalloh Photo 1Usifu Jalloh Photo 2Usifu Jalloh Photo 3Usifu Jalloh Photo 4

Tony Wilson in Uruguay and Argentina

Tony Wilson Bio (English)Tony Wilson Bio (Español)Tony Wilson Photo 1Tony Wilson Photo 2Tony Wilson Photo 3Tony Wilson Photo 4


Dream On Logo

Electronic versions of Dream On's logo to use in newsletters and bulletins or to add to your school's website in anticipation of our visit.

Dream On Logo 1 (Color)Dream On Logo 1 (Black and White)Dream On Logo 2 (Color)Dream On Logo 2 (Black and White)

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