Dream On Productions



Alberto Alexander

My job has given me the opportunity to work with many wonderful people and to learn constantly from them and with them.  To learn that we are all the same despite our differing origins.  To learn that one person alone can make a difference within an organization, regardless of what position he or she holds.  I enjoy organizing tours in the face of administrative and logistic challenges and cultural differences.  This means that each visit acquires its own special significance for the school, for the storyteller, and for Dream On.

Tour Coordinator

Marcela Bedoya

I am an enthusiastic member of the Dream On team, proud of having walked along the most diverse paths in my life, from graphic design to stage acting, from the fashion industry to English teaching.  This job has given me the chance of creating bonds with wonderful people from all over the world!  I put all of my experience in motion every day to bring the "storytelling experience" to both teachers and students who consider teaching and learning a unique gift from life.

Tour Coordinator

Kiki Ortiz

"Once upon a time . . . " and "In a far away land . . . " have always had a magical effect on me ever since I was little.  They grew wings in my mind, fueled my fantasies and planted the seeds for all my dreams.  Each story left so much up to my imagination and held a universe of endless possibilities, which always meant FREEDOM.
To this day I enjoy stories, and each one opens up my eyes and heart to new beginnings, new values, new worlds , new adventures . . . BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY CONTRIBUTE TO MY OWN SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  My job at Dream On Productions gives me the chance to be part of an incredible team that works hard to bring this kind of learning experience to children and grown-ups around the world.  I LOVE IT!!

Tour Coordinator

Silvia Wainbarg

After years of working in the corporate world I wanted to do something with my passion for children's literature and found myself buying more books than my three kids could read.  I felt an urge to share every single treasure I found in bookstores and libraries and started dreaming of hosting children's book clubs.  Dream On Productions gave me the opportunity to expand that dream and help share stories around the globe.  I work at Dream On inspired by the stories told, by those who tell them, and by every single child or teacher who, right in the middle of a Dream On performance, understands the power of story.

Tour Coordinator

Sofi Derosa

Little in life is as fulfilling and eye-opening as engaging with different cultures.  Dream On has given me the opportunity to travel and meet new people around the world.  On every tour I learn and evolve, trying to grow more like the person I wish one day I could be, tearing down barriers and frontiers because, in many ways, "we are one.”

Tour Coordinator and Tour Manager

Pablo López

Although an avid reader (and traveler) I came to love the art of storytelling through my work at Dream On and now I'm hooked. I feel as if the world is brought to me through the conversations I've enjoyed, the story choices each performer makes, and the  unique way in which they share it. My life has been enriched by these experiences.

Creative Director

Cullen Munger

While working with Dream On presents many different opportunities, challenges and experiences, the cultural exchange is the aspect that I find be the most intriguing, exciting and rewarding.  With every school visit I learn just as much from the students who attend our presentations, if not more, than they learn from us.  Being able to meet and share with so many people from so many different places is a rare opportunity that I have come to value very greatly.

Logistical and Financial Coordinator

Alejandra Ortiz

Books and stories have always been "dear friends" to me.  Different cultures and places around the world became ALIVE once I started working with Dream On.  I am very happy to be part of this very creative team that enriches my life through stories from all over.  And being part of the international educational community gives me the chance to feel that my work contributes to help future generations make a better world.

Tour Manager

Gustavo Juárez

Being a Tour Manager for Dream On has given me the opportunity to meet new people and visit countries I would have never imagined visiting.  As a professional Spanish/English interpreter, I find satisfaction in helping bridge the language gap between the communities I work with.  Dream On gives me equal satisfaction, not only in that I get to travel and meet great storytellers, but also in the knowledge that I'm contributing to bringing a new world of imagination to children everywhere we go.

Tour Manager

Carolina Ballivian Fernández

"Wanderlust" might be the most perfect word to describe me.  This uncontrollable desire to travel and see the world . . . Dream On has open a whole new way of discovering amazing stories and facts about places that I haven't visited yet, but somehow now I feel connected to.  The idea of opening our minds to new people and what they have to say has made me travel around the world just by closing my eyes and listening.

Tour Manager

Claudia Pacheco Oballe

I am so honored and thrilled to form part of a team that  seeks to enhance the standard school curriculum in a way that not only sharpens students’ analytical skills but also sparks their imagination in the process. As a Tour Manager, I can honestly say the travel aspect of work is attractive on its own and reels you in each time, but to know that Dream On Productions’ endeavors are key to stimulating creativity development in schools across the region makes this job all the more rewarding.