Dream On Productions


“Jaime was great!!!  We spent two lovely sessions together.  Our kids were really delighted and enjoyed his stories and played an active part, which I think was outstanding.”
Rita Japas, Balmoral College, Argentina
“The students enjoyed the performance immensely and we were especially grateful because this type of opportunity is not often available.  They benefited from learning that stories are often about real life events, and they are interesting when they are told with detail and emotion.”
Mary-Anne Jasinski, The International School of Macao, Macao
“The children got to practice different words and listen to a native speaker, which was very beneficial, as a lot of English teachers are not native speakers.” 
Laura Wippell, Colegio SEK, Chile
“I think that the way the storyteller introduced herself to the kids, showing them the country she lives in, was very nice.  As regards to her style, she used lots of props.  That together with the voices she made, her puppets and the stories themselves made the show an unforgettable experience.”
Claudia Martín, Arco Iris, Argentina
“The children had a wonderful experience.  I don't think they have ever heard a story without it being read to them from a book.  It was a great experience.”
Marilyn Shaw, Instituto San Angel Inn, Mexico
“Donna presented a form of storytelling that our students aren't normally exposed to--the African American Storytelling tradition.  It was great to see this traditional form of storytelling come to life in a multipurpose room in Hong Kong.  The students connected with her stories because the central themes were relevant to their lives and the characters were relatable.”
Josh Blue, Japanese International School, Hong Kong
“What was different from other performances was that Andy incorporated cultural issues, especially by teaching students Maori words and tales. It was a very energizing performance.”
Jacqueline Rondon, Trewhela’s School, Chile
“The children enjoyed it and they were delighted. They talked about Usifu for some days and sang the songs he taught them.  He masters the audience energy and leaves a sense of happiness.  The children wanted more stories, as they found his style entertaining and learnt some life lessons as well.”
Inés Ledesma, Sworn Junio College, Argentina
“The students had a great time and became involved with the story.  This demonstrated that learning English can be fun.  This is the type of activity that helps us motivate our students.”
Marcelo Celis, Colegio Cordillera, Chile
“Most of the students felt very motivated to keep learning English because interaction with a native speaker always strengthens their interest to keep studying the language.”
Jhon Méndez, Colegio Palermo de San José, Colombia
“We weren’t expecting such a good response from our students who were simply mesmerized, asked for an encore and stayed on asking questions.  A complete success!”
María del Carmen Martínez, Aula XXI, Argentina
“Nell is a very flexible storyteller.  She adapted to the audience, to their reactions and to the timing very well.  She was also flexible with the space (our library) and found ways to take advantage of the bookcases as part of her performance.  She connected to the students quickly and deeply.”
Annie Dye, St. George’s School, Colombia
“The students related to the storyteller, even the older children.  They found her fun and amusing and very human.”
Jacquelien Hamman, Cambridge College Lima, Peru
“The storyteller’s narration style was stunning.  I could not believe he could have all the audience interested and paying attention for one hour.  This tells me he is an expert in this matter.  Thank you.”
Rosina Baldi, CENI School, Uruguay
“The students enjoyed the performance immensely.  They were able to produce some quality vocabulary to contribute to the story.”
Jason Oak, The British School of Beijing, China
“Our students enjoyed both storytellers.  Their narration styles were according to our students ages and the activities they performed were really engaging.  Not only did the students enjoy it, but the attending teachers too!”
Hipolito Quispez,  San Ignacio de Recalde, Peru
“The storyteller lived up to our expectations.  He was wonderful at balancing the use of the voice, the body and the pace.  He could keep children attentive to his stories in spite of the fact that few of them were expecting to see "something else" apart from words.”
Gabriela Remedi and Laura Bouzas, Instituto Crandon, Uruguay
“Seriously, the students were stunned by how wonderful Katrice was and they all now know the truth . . . storytelling rocks!”
Lisa Donoghue, NingBo International School, China