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Our Storytellers

Our Storytellers

Over the years, Dream On has had the wonderful opportunity to work with a great number of passionate and talented storytellers and artists; so many, in fact, that we unfortunately cannot list them all here.  Those not mentioned below are equally dear to us, and have played an equally vital role in our success and growth, as those who are mentioned.

Alejandra AlliendeArgentina  Alejandra Alliende

Formally educated in the arts of theater and dance, Alejandra is both a bilingual storyteller and an English teacher.  Her storytelling, performed in both English and in Spanish, includes fables, legends, and classic tales from the oral tradition, as well as stories and poems from contemporary authors.  Alejandra also leads professional development workshops for teachers, offered in English or Spanish, that focus on effectively incorporating theater and oral narration into primary and secondary education.  Her contributions as an artist and educator have played a vital role in Dream On’s social integration project, Caacupé.

Anne-EAustralia  Anne E. Stewart

Over thirty years ago, children’s librarian Anne E. Stewart embarked on her storyteller’s journey. Her aim was to develop a love of language and literature in her young audience.  Now with many years experience, Anne has expanded her repertoire and works with any age group and audience to tell the shared stories of Australia, promote cultural understanding, raise issues of social justice and to help others give voice to their own unique stories.  Anne has gained a reputation overseas as one of Australia’s foremost storytellers; she was the first Australian to be invited to South America by Dream On Productions and has represented Australia at the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s annual festival.

Jamie-OlivieroCanada  Jamie Oliviero

Jamie Oliviero is a storyteller and arts-in-education specialist. For over 35 years Jamie has worked in schools finding creative ways to animate curriculum outcomes. More recently he has performed and given workshops in Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and, of course, in Canada.  Jamie very much believes in presenting storytelling as a fundamental means of human communication.  Coming from a multicultural background himself, his father's family was Italian, his mother's Eastern European Jewish, Jamie tells stories that celebrate cultural diversity.  He also chooses stories that promote environmental responsibility, social consciousness and human rights.  Jamie’s participation has played an indispensable role in Dream On’s social integration project, Caacupé.

Kevin-MacKenzieCanada  Kevin MacKenzie

Kevin has left a trail of stories at festivals, conferences, residencies, retreats, libraries, schools, prisons, colleges, and countless events across Canada, Brazil, Britain, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico and the USA.  As an experienced teacher of storytelling, Kevin served as the storyteller in residence for the Regina Public Library, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and the Regina Board of Education.  For the past five years, Kevin has shared his stories on a weekly basis with vulnerable youth for the Ranch Ehrlo Society. His experience with teens is matched by his expertise with younger children as an early childhood educator and author.  He has volunteered since 1998 planning and organizing dozens of concerts, tours, festivals, and literacy events in Vancouver and Saskatchewan.

Max-TellCanada  Max Tell

Max Tell has over 25 years of experience as a storyteller for children in schools, libraries and at festivals. He has extensively toured the continents of Asia, South America and Australia.  He has appeared numerous times at the Vancouver Storytelling Festival and the Vancouver International Children's Festival.  Before launching his career as a storyteller, Max toured Northern Ontario for five years as an actor in children's theater.  Max strives to inspire new tellers and new listeners to the fascinating world of story.  He has conducted many storytelling workshops for both children and adults.  Having always been inspired by stories, Max is honored to excite children of all ages to the wonders and magic of the spoken word.

Kate-CorkeryIreland  Kate Corkery

Kate is an Irish storyteller with a background in acting, singing and language teaching (English, French, Spanish and Gaelic).  Born and educated in Cork, she originally left Ireland to work in Kenya.  After three years teaching and traveling in East Africa, she moved to Europe and performed in a variety of theatres and theater in education companies before joining Common Lore, a UK-based company of storytellers and musicians from different folkloric backgrounds.  At the Irish Cultural Centre in London, were she is a storyteller in-residence, Kate runs a monthly storytelling club for adults, “Around the Fire” and further storytelling activities, such as Storylab workshops, Culture Camp weeks, and an annual Irish storytelling festival.

Andy-WrightNew Zealand  Andy Wright

A world class performer, Andy Wright has spent over 20 years telling stories to audiences in schools, theatres and festivals throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  One fundamental aspect of Andy’s storytelling his the ability to paint pictures with words.  Andy was influenced to tell stories by his visually impaired family members, which lead to a great reliance on his choice of words and the use of a wide range of voice.  Andy is committed to helping children, adults, and organizations communicate better, discover their own stories, celebrate their own culture and the culture of others.  In addition to being a performer, Andy also is a workshop leader and as a published author.

Usifu JallohSierra Leone  Usifu Jalloh

Usifu was born in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone.  He spent many years studying narrative and performing arts, both formally and informally, in many different places, such as in his nation’s capital of Freetown, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and in London, England.  In his storytelling the importance of his Sierra Leone heritage plays an important role in building a cultural bridge between him and his audience.  Usifu launches stories that reflect a West African storytelling tradition, where impossible deeds are done through cunning, trickery or magic.  He performs literally everywhere; at schools, big festivals, birthday parties, weddings.  He was even invited to perform for King Hussein in Jordan.  For the last four years Usifu has organized Maambena Fest, a cultural and literary festival, in his hometown.

Erik-De-WaalSouth Africa  Eric de Waal

Erik cannot be placed in a single artistic category; he is an actor, storyteller, puppeteer, singer . . . and the award winning author, director and performer of more than 40 theatre productions for young audiences.  His storytelling and theatrical presentations have made him one of the most popular dramatic performers on the Canadian Fringe Circuit.  Tapping into the vast trove of folklore of his homeland, he has brought the culture and storytelling tradition South Africa to the world since 1999.

Tony-WilsonUnited Kingdom Tony Wilson

Tony is a storyteller, writer, teacher and musician with visits to over 1,500 schools and colleges on four different continents.  A childhood singer in church and school choirs, he began his career in the performing arts as a folk musician, traveling and touring Britain and continental Europe.  Then he dedicated himself to education, teaching for seven years and then lecturing for three more.  Now, for more than fifteen years he has combined his musical talent with his didactic formation to tell a wide range of traditional and self-penned stories from around the world, linking them with drama, music and song.  Tony creates 'bespoke', topic-related stories with children to fit in with their current areas of study and he is able to tailor his  performances to the children's needs, abilities and understanding.

Katrice-HorsleyUnited Kingdom  Katrice Horsley

Professional storyteller and consultant, Katrice Horsley uses stories to deftly explore the real and imaginary worlds that we inhabit.  As a child, she chose not to speak because she had problems forming words.  As a result, she retreated into a world of imagination--creating internal narratives to help her feel safe.  At five years old her stories began tumbling out.  Realizing that stories are powerful and important tools, she has worked in schools and communities sharing illuminating stories ever since.  She has a vast repertoire to suit a wide range of situations and abilities through which she enables people to develop a better relationship with their communities, peers and, ultimately, with themselves.

Nell-PhoenixUnited Kingdom  Nell Phoenix

A traditional performance storyteller from London, Nell has been performing professionally since graduating from Goldsmiths College in 1984.  As an actress, she has performed in theatres around the world, from the Blackpool Grand to the Sydney Opera House.  As a storyteller, her work includes hundreds of performances to thousands of children, families and adults in schools, art centers, libraries and festivals.  Nell's work has included classic texts, new plays, physical theatre, mask work, and puppetry.

Xanthe-GreshamUnited Kingdom  Xanthe Gresham

Since 1995 Xanthe has performed in countless schools, theatres, libraries, hospitals, barges, boats, parks and woodlands. Her style is highly kinesthetic. She has been described as “The Aerial Artist of the spoken word.”  Xanthe has been a storyteller in-residence for the Chelsea Physic Garden, and for the Stoke and Staffordshire Libraries.  She has also served as the storyteller educator for the Tate Gallery and she is currently a lecturer in drama and storytelling at the University of East London.

BabaUnited States  Baba the Storyteller

Baba the Storyteller has been a professional speaker since 1994 and is one of the few recognized US born practitioners of the ancient West African storytelling craft known as Jaliyaa.  Baba has presented in hundreds of schools and other institutions all across the world.  He is a recipient of a California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition for his creative uses of storytelling and his commitment to community in working with troubled teens.  The City of Long Beach California recognized Baba as their municipality’s Artist of the Year, an award presented to him by the mayor.  He has also earned additional commendations from both the US Senate and US Congress.  Baba is currently touring and working as a Master Teaching Artist with the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, designing curricula which fuse the arts with classroom instruction.

Priscilla-HoweUnited States  Priscilla Howe

Priscilla has traveled around the world--Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Belgium, among other destinations--with a bag full of puppets and a head full of stories.  She gives more than 200 performances a year at schools, festivals, libraries, juvenile detention centers, house concerts, coffeehouses and special events.  She tailors her wide range of funny, scary, serious, goofy and sophisticated stories to suit any age and any audience.  She has performed for over 300 audiences of English language learners, speaking slowly and clearly, using lots of synonyms, as well as facial expressions, body movement, songs and puppets.

Kevin-McMullinUnited States  Kevin McMullin

Call him an explorer, Kevin McMullin is a performer interested in borderlands that defy categorization.  He was raised in Chicago and received his education from the ethnically, economically, and culturally diverse tribes who peopled his life. He learned the guitar, the autoharp, the piano, the viola, the jaw harp and the erhu and played in the streets of Chicago and Seattle.  He then moved to Wisconsin, where he shed his urban ways, added storytelling to his bulging bag of tricks, and launched a trajectory of playing, telling, writing, educating.  He has written and produced three musicals, more than half a dozen CDs, hundreds of songs and tunes, and scored a full length movie.  An enchanting entertainer, he uses storytelling, music and song to create performances that leave audiences delighted and spell-bound.

McCartyUnited States Michael McCarty

When Michael tells stories, his listeners’ imaginations soar.  During his childhood, his mother told and read him stories and imprinted in his mind the joy and power of reading. “If you can read you can do anything!” she reminded him constantly.  In high school he began telling stories of Africa and African-American history.   In 1992, he first began his life as a professional storyteller by gathering folktales from different countries at his local library.  “Folktales can help a person relate to his or her culture, but they also can give a taste of someone else’s culture,” says Michael. He has since traveled to many countries, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, China, Jamaica, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, England, Malaysia, Korea, and his travels have reaped a harvest of tales that testify to the unity within the diversity of the human spirit.

dianeferlatteUnited States  Diane Ferlatte

As a youngster, Diane was steeped in the oral tradition. Her early childhood years were spent on her grandparents’ porch with family and neighbors swapping stories, lies, and tales.  The seed for her career as a storyteller was planted after Diane and her husband adopted their second child. Four year-old Joey was a boy who had been raised in a series of foster homes in front of a TV set.  Committed to breaking him from TV and increasing his readiness for school, Diane started to story tell in the style for which she is so well known today.  She has wowed audiences across the globe from Graz, Austria, to Auckland, New Zealand. She has toured and performed internationally many times over, including Holland, France, Bermuda, Sweden,  Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia to perform at major festivals, theaters, conferences, universities, schools, libraries, senior centers, detention facilities, and churches.  Providing workshops and serving as a keynote storyteller at conventions has also become a rewarding part of her work.