Dream On Productions

For Storytellers

Five reasons to partner with Dream On:
  1. The Cultural Exchange: The chance to share your story with new corners of the world

Cultural exchange is very much at the center of Dream On, just as it is at the core of the oral tradition itself.  Partnering with us and participating in one of our many tours, now in ten different countries on three different continents, will give you the opportunity to bring your story, your culture, and your identity to far flung places of the globe.
  1. The Personal and Professional Challenge: The opportunity to grow not only as an artist, but also as an individual

Building a connection with new and diverse audiences who are not native speakers of English is both challenging and rewarding.  The necessity of our storytellers to connect with our audiences, who vary greatly in age and language level, provides a unique space for experimentation, improvisation and adaptation; an experience that has been described by some as a “doctorate” of sorts in storytelling.
  1. The Adventure: An open door into new and exotic landscapes and foreign and diverse cultures

Travel and exploration are integral aspects of a Dream On tour.  Visiting new countries and communities as an international touring artist allows you to experience a new culture on a level that is much more intimate and revealing than that of the simple tourist.  Dream On has many colleagues and friends in our destination countries and we are often given invitations to see performances of local storytellers, to attend dinner parties and social events, and to participate in local holidays and celebrations.
  1. The Royal Treatment: Relief from the need to plan, arrange, organize, or reserve

From beginning to end, and every step in between Dream On takes charge of the myriad of organizational details and logistical expenses that are essential to realizing an international tour.  Our Tour Coordinators begin promoting storytellers, communicating with local schools and cultural centers and organizing performances months before a tour begins.  Our bilingual Tour Managers meet storytellers at the airport upon their arrival in the destination country and accompany the storytellers for the entire duration of the tour--to schools and other performance venues, on tourist and leisurely outings, and to any other event or function to which the storyteller may be invited--acting in the capacities of translator, assistant, guide and companion.  Travel and lodging arrangements and costs are taken care of by Dream On well in advance and our storytellers not burdened with any logistical responsibilities at any point, before, during or after a tour.
  1. The Contribution: Advocacy for the oral tradition

Dream On is not only a community itself--composed of both our team of employees from international backgrounds and the numerous talented and passionate storytelling artists who have partnered with us in the past and continue to partner with us year after year--but we also act as a link between communities; between the many different groups and cultures in the places we visit, and the diverse communities and histories of our storytellers.  The oral tradition is a timeless means of sharing , an eternal and fundamental link in human communication.  In age when technological devices are ever more integrated into daily life, and when digital screens are becoming increasingly more familiar than human faces, so increases the importance of preserving and expanding oral traditional, and instilling new generations with an understanding of the power of story.